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Greetings my name is Selena, but you all can call me Carmen; which is my author name. My interest is anime, drawing, and writing. Mainly what I write is: I do fan fictions and also making up stories that might be entertaining to any of you readers. Well, I hope you guys like them. Hope any of you guys either favorite, like, or even drop a remark or become a follower! If you require me to update any of my novels, merely leave a comment in the story that you want to be updated. However, please don't be rude to each other, nor to me, in the comment section. Thank you for understanding. Hope you enjoy reading them! I'll try my best to update and strive to make them enjoyable! I nevertheless cannot promise since I do have technology problems these days. Thank you and have a delightful day! Well, hasta la pasta, ve~ (=3=)9
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    mumbled "Laptop Fix and more news!"

    My laptop been fix for a while now BEFORE school even ended, but because of the whole busy schedule I haven't been able to be on this site till now. Before I continue my one piece fanfiction, I'll be "rewriting" or "adjusting" the chapters to be a little more... "professional". If you get what I'm saying. Right now chapter one have been a little bit fixed, but its not completely. I hate to be saying this again, but chapter 4 will have to wait. I want to take my stories serious again. One Piece fanfiction was created in Jun 29, 2014. Two year ago from today, and back then I didn't understand writing. When I look back at it, it makes me cringe... my grammar and spelling was more off than usually. Plus some parts doesn't have enough details in them. What I'm saying is that the story is lacking many things. However, I'm very proud that my story managed to have over 1447 view! Thank you again so much! I hope I'm not disappointing everyone for the lack of updates. Here enjoy this lovely picture of Francis Bonnefoy (France) as a token of my apology, and don't worry updates will be coming soon. Well hasta la paste ve~ (=3=)9
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    mumbled "I'm sorry for the wait..."

    My apologies for not continuing my stories. I have no device that works with movellas and I tried the website on my phone by it doesn't allows me to save any stores, odd yes? My laptop still hasn't been repaired yet either. I know it has been 9 months since I last updated my story, and it might take a bit more longer. I am in fact typing chapter 4 on my phone at the moment, but at the mean time continue to be patient. This year hasn't been so great. However, it's getting better! Thank you so so much for 1k views, 5 like, and 6 favorites on "We Meet Again"! I appreciate it greatly! This means a lot! Well hasta la pasta! VE~ =3=)9
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