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New writer working on something as of august 2013. I will be posting only disgarded materials. I will never publish it completely to this site, though the disgarded material will be published as a movella, and may inspire a new story or preceding book! Therefore, any comments as to making it better will help! Also, if it does get published as a real book and, you were a large help here, I will put you in my thank you's. <3

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    I have offically bored myself of RISING AGAINST THE PAST and have retired the attempt of making a good book out of it. In better news, I have been writing (on paper folks! [omg right? so outdated!]) and I will NOT be posting it to this site. I have great confidence for it as a book and wish to publish later completely as a real book. THIS MEANS NEVER ON THIS SITE. I will however publish the discarded versions so I can play and work with my characters more. The posts will be sparactic and may not be until summer. They will be published under one movella but may not be coherrant.
  • Carly Summer Jones
    Very nice please update regularly I can't wait for the next chapter!
    Don't Cry (Louis Tomlinson)
    Don't Cry (Louis...
    Maya is A suicidal girl. She has been every since her boyfriend commited suicide. One day a she tries to end her life, but is saved by the ocean eyes.
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    I like this but unfourtunately it is hard to read. If you were to make a new paragraph between new speakers it would be an easier read. It has a good though very nice!
    He Changed My Life*Book 1*
    He Changed My Life...
    It's about a girl named Amber Wolf She lives with her parents and 3 sisters a Ashely, Bella and Skyler and 3 brothers matty Will, and Cody and her dad Morgan Wolf runs a record company and she loves...
  • Carly Summer Jones
    The are some grammatical and spelling errors you may want to go over. The story is very good. Please update soon!
    The loser and the Bully
    The loser and the...
    Crystal a.k.a The Loser is well... a loser. She can't walk through the hallway without being tripped. Everybody laughs about what a geek she is and her worst enemy is Sarah, the school's popular girl...
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