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    When i heard the news i felt so happy. "we're going on a trip to london", the teacher said. Two weeks later we had to meet at the airport. We waited for only one hour but it felt like the longest hour in my whole life of a directioner. When we get on the plane my tummy was turning because I really looked forward to the trip. I mean what the hell it's london my favourite city . Then I got tired and slept during the 2 hours we were on the plane. After we arrived the teacher told us to check in in our hotel rooms. Next we started with our sightseeing-tour. We first visited the mega shops and suddenly i got distracted on a poster of my 5 heros. when I wanted to go back to my classmates I couldn't find them anymore. I didn't know what to do now. I had no money for a phone booth , I was too shy to ask someone for their phone and the badest of all i have forgotten my mobile in the hotel . what a mess . i am totally lost . I am alone in london . I walked along a crowded street which was lined of skysprapers . then I found a cool building with nice stairs ,so i sat down with a sad face. suddenly someone opened the door behind me. i turned around and couldn't believe who was standing there. it was my cutie harry . he asked me what's wrong in a very kind way . Then I told him the story. when I finished speaking he borrowed me his mobile phone to call my bf. she told me where they were but i didn't know the way . so harry asked me if he should bring me to the place because its on his way . of course i said yes. we had to drive by bus but it was so strange because paparazzi and fans followed us all the time. But Harry didn't care about them he just wanted to speak with me. and quess what ..we spoke about 1d. but that is not a big surprise cause i am speakin of One direction my whole damn life. :D the next moment was the best of all . Harry asked me for my phone number .omg. i thought he was kidding but he wasn't. later i was with my class again and they asked me loads of questions but i couldn't speak. i was so flashed. i will definitely never forget this trip. but the best was actually after the trip . because what the hell harry really sent me an text message and wanted to chat with me . when I realized that it it was no dream i wrote back .we had a long conversation. it was so great and harry the gentleman was so fuckin cute .i couldn't breathe. we chatted almost every day and i was not sure what's going on. is it love ?

    end 1st part . 2nd will come as soon as i have time. did you like the story ? comment . and sorry for the many mistakes but i am from austria ;)
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