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  • carapops2000
    This is amazing! You have such an excellent talent, please write more poems like this. xx
    It Was Me
    It Was Me
    A poem from the view of love itself. Hope you like! :) P.S, this is my entry into the Valentine's Day competition. I know this is no cancer story, or vampire/shapeshifter/Justin Bieber story, but I just...
  • carapops2000
    I think you've come up with a great idea here but one thing I didn't quite get, In Zayn's chapter, was it supposed to be a boy or a girl that he loved? Wasn't quite sure. I would love it if you checked out my two movellas "One Life" and "Heartbreak" and let me know what you think? Ta xox
    Every Piece of Your Heart ۵ One Direction
    Every Piece of You...
    Here's my One Direction fan fiction. It's five romantic little stories, about each of them. Encase you don't know who One Direction is, here's a link to know all about them: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Direction#Har...
    Sofie PH.
    6 years ago
    Thanks a lot and Zayn loved a girl. The 'you' person is a girl in every chapter, if you understand? And I would really like to check your stories out, but I'm going on vacation tomorrow for two weeks, so I'm not sure if I can check yours out or write more, but I'll try! :-)
  • carapops2000
    This very good, I love the way you've used the chorus of each of their songs for the start of each chapter. I would appreciate if you read my entry "Heartbreak" Ta xox :)
    Took a minute, boy. To steal my heart tonight.
    Took a minute, boy...
    When you're best friends with someone you expect them to be in your life forever, but when your best friend Niall becomes famous overnight will he still be the same person you loved or will he change?...
    6 years ago
  • carapops2000
    This is brilliant. I thought that when you said "mom" it should have been "mum" because louis is english not american, but otherwise superb! Can u please check out my two movellas "Heartbeak" and "one life" Ta xox
    Every summer night (1D)
    Every summer night...
    Amy Tomlinson, a eighteen year old girl, who's living her life by hating on her brother. Amy always got told that she should be like her perfect brother, Louis Tomlinson. The brother who got the look,...
    6 years ago
    Woops, it was meant as 'mum' :)) Haha. Yeah sure! And thanks xx
  • carapops2000
    This is amazing. And no the chapter "Morning" didn't seem pointless it unfolds more of the story. I hope you do well in the comp and please keep writing like this! :D xox
    Summer Daze (1D)
    Summer Daze (1D)
    Distraught from her parents divorce, Melody is invited by her cousin to stay with him and his friends in Cornwall. But her cousin is Niall Horan, the boy who left her when she most needed him. As the Summer...
    6 years ago
    Thanks for your opinion! I was really unsure on whether to delete it or not
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