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Good looking, handsome, a brilliant genius, vain, but someone has to think of me like that. A lover of classic rock music, a lover of books old and new, also a lover of movies old and new. Quiet, shy at times, introvert, hilariously funny when he gets around to saying anything.

  • CaptainVonDelgo

    mumbled "It's Been a Long Time Coming."

    I have finally come back to this site and plan on a regular weekly update. I have nothing to keep me here except two followers who have never said a word to me, and two stories that have some reads but not a single like or comment on them. However, I'm always forever trying to get my stories noticed in the hopes that I'll receive comments on them so I can improve. Despite the lack of interest at the moment, weekly updates it shall be. And, hopefully, people will be kind and check out my stories.
  • CaptainVonDelgo

    mumbled "Very late."

    Later than the white rabbit, I think. This is very late in coming because I've been very late in coming. This is my first post, and first visit back to this site since I joined over a year ago. I'm not a very social person so that's why I haven't been on, and this is a strange site, that's my fault because I haven't taken the time to have a look around. I can't promise anything, but maybe that will change and you will see a bit more of me about.
    Just to introduce myself before I disappear like the hermit I am, my Captain Von Delgo. An alias, false name, as you might maybe notice if you read the first chapter of 'The Assignment'. And I think that's it. If you send me a message I'll send one back.
    Until later.
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