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  • captaincpaxton1762
    I think you have a great beginning and you can go far with this story. In a way, it kind of reminds me of my own book. I think it is great to read similar authors and I think this book has a great beginning and could go very far. Great job! :D
    A Pirates Life for me
    A Pirates Life for...
    Cordula has always lived her life as a pirate..with a twist, she is the daughter of Poseidon. This makes her a powerful sea sorceress. Having a dad that is a King has many advantages, there are also many...
    5 years ago
    Thank you xxx :)
  • captaincpaxton1762
    That is super uplifting. Thanks for sharing
    If I was prettier...
    If I was prettier....
    This Poem is for 'The BIG Poetry Competition'. So please like, fav ad comment. Thank You. Copyright (C)
  • captaincpaxton1762
    Aww....I think we all need someone to call our knight in shining armor. I like the way you used your words to describe how much you need a knight. We all need that knight, I think.
    True Love poems
    True Love poems
    Poems for the valentines day competition
  • captaincpaxton1762
    Hey everyone just telling you that if you like this another book you might like is called Ida's Cure. It is by lovetowrite7 and it is so amazing!
    Pirates of Forgotten Waters
    Pirates of Forgott...
    Cassandra March is prejudiced in every single way possible-of course she is. She's a nobleman's daughter in 1778! So when a pirate ship arrives in the bay, she has to go to it. She has to become part of...
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