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When the world is in my hands...i save it. Then again I remembered.......I'm clumsy. OHHHH SO CLOSE!!!!!

I'm not very good at this bio crap, so I'll just give you the basics:

Favorite food: P I Z Z A

Favorite drink: Coca-cola

Favorite singer: KE$HA, Katy Perry, The Beatles, Apelsin, Burratino

Favorite movie: Mean Girls, The Mysterious Case of Benjamin Button, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, The Avengers, Invictus

Hates: chunky applesauce, Twilight saga, Pitch Perfect, cups, instagram, comic sans, and unripe bananas

Loves: tumblr, writing stories, my cupcakes, FOOD, caps lock, How I met your mother, Captain America and that's basically it.

Celebrities I would stalk: Chris Evans, Matt Damon, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Alison Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders


  • Captain America
    On the Wrong Side of Right Street
    On the Wrong Side...
    Aaron Smith isn't any normal 16 year old dude....I mean, no normal teenage guy breaks out of a mental hospital, and definitely does NOT have strange, super-natural powers that have branded him for life...
  • Captain America
    Can I be a co-author?? I AM YO PICKLE QUEEN!!
    The Pickle Hand Book
    The Pickle Hand...
    As a result of the pickle-cucumber war all peeps interested in or are pickles must read this and let either Katnip or I know then to make it official talk to our attorney Texas.
    5 years ago
    I am so sorry i dont have the pickle constitution Jared does i gave it to him to document
    Captain America
    5 years ago
    Wouldn't cucumbers still be able to read it even though we told them not to?
    5 years ago
    to texas thats ok could you write a new one or talk to jared
    to captain america thats why we did the early access code thingy
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