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Hai, I am Cookies. Welcome to my mind in written book form XD I like writting and making up totally awesome, action-packed, hilarious, epic stories. I hope you enjoy them! (even if they don't make complete sense ^^' ) I am not extremely active on here but I am a bit more active on my Deviantart account.

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    mumbled "Request stories to write!"

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    Alright so I decided to write a book based on what you guys would like me to write about. I am good at stories and if you guys give me a subject I will write up a great story. Think of it as a christmas/apology gift
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    mumbled "Slower Book Updates"

    10 months agoReply
    Alright so I have been getting super busy, with EQT (End of Quarter Test) and art requests I have gotten on Deviantart. So, I may not be as active on here anymore. Not like anyone reads my stories. Plus I have lost quite a bit of my writing creativity (aka writer's block) I will post a bit more maybe during Christmas Break or sometime then
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    pretty cool story there ^^
    A Cliché Werewolf Story...NOT!!
    A Cliché Werewolf...
    Aiden Lockheart has found his mate. A beautiful girl that likes to be called Pixie. Unfortunately form him, Pixie is the sister of the-not-so-friendly Alpha, Keith. {This is NOT a normal werewolf story}
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    mumbled "Skippin Thanksgivin"

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    You know it's Thanksgiving when you see Christmas sales everywhere you go....

    And black Friday is funny to me because they have sales the day after we give thanks for the stuff we Already have....
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