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Fanfictioning is my life. I dont take many request because I really have to feel what I write. Sorry.

I always write boy-on-boy. Except for one story I'm writing based on the series Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Even then I do a bit of girl-on-girl. So dont hate.

This picture is of, I know Ira Vampira, but I'm using it as my character in Kids in der Liebe as Candace. So I don't own her.

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    I am your BFF. So that makes me super special! :3
    Dirty Little Secret (1D fanfic)
    Dirty Little Secre...
    Think you know everything about the famous Tommo Twins??? THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!! *****WARNING***** Includes mature content!!!!!!! Recommend for 15+
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