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    Anything For Us I.h: I really hope you get well soon. I started reading the other three books and loved them so much! I know it's weird but I was so excited when they went all the way!!! �� I just have one question, who is Kendall? Like how Selena Gomez is Katy. I hope you can answer my question because I am a very big fan of your book. I really hope your injury feels better so you can write more amazing updates. I love a cliff hanger. And omg I wasn't expecting the coma. �� hope you feel better lovely��
    Anything For Us l.h
    Anything For Us...
    This is the third book to Anything Can happen. ©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.
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    Aw thank you that means so much I'm glad you love the series! Lucy hale plays Kendall , I really appreciate your kind words they mean so much you have no idea. Thank you
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