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    mumbled "Burning Embers Prologue"

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    The rain was coming down on her like a wave, soaking through her clothes in a matter of seconds. She would have bothered to raise her hood, if it were not for the fact that she rather enjoyed the cold numbness that was setting into her bones. It distracted her from everything that had happened…everything that she had done.

    Moving through the streets with practiced stealth the young assassin made her way north. She had no final destination in mind; she just wanted to be as far away from London as possible. Above her thunder rumbled in the clouds, the sound setting her teeth on edge. How long had it been?

    Do not look back, her mind told her. Looking back would accomplish nothing. Looking back would only make the flickering power inside of her gloat in triumph.

    She could hear the screams now. People were panicking, desperately trying to save their loved ones as they realised what was happening. But the assassin could already tell them that they were too late. They would always be too late.

    Deep in her gut her power rumbled, uncoiling inside of her like a threatened snake. It could sense the destruction it had caused, and it thrived. The assassin stopped her walk, the bag on her back heavy against her aching muscles, and turned to watch her city burn.
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    Oh thank you so much <3
    Victoria Raven
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    Don't worry! I put you on my 'People to fan' list.
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    Beautifully written ^^
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