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im lizzie and i just really like larry smut

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    I LOVE UR POEMS OMGGG!!!!! keep writing!
    A day
    A day
    Hey guys wanted to try somethig new so i've written a few poems. Please tell me what you think about them. :)
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    Thank you soo much it really means a lot. :)
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    oh my gosh! I cried reading this! I love the emotion behind it and it was written so... it was so powerful and so sharp! You should write some more, make a little series! I LOVE IT!!!! You should check out my poems, maybe we can work together! keep writing, okay? You're amazing!
    "Don't Let Me Go" (Poem: Inspired from the song by Harry Styles)
    "Don't Let Me Go"...
    This was originally a poem I wrote for my English class, but I decided to post it! Hope you enjoy it! It's kinda sad from my view, please comment what you think about it? -Chloe xx (PLEASE! Do not...
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