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I'm just a girl, aspiring to be a writer.
I'm awkward, shy and incredibly small. >-> I enjoy reading, singing, drawing and writing. And I despise sports. >-<
I adore Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Heroes, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Austin & Ally, Glee, Murdoch Mysteries and Once Upon A Time.
And I love to read manga and watch anime.
I'm not a normal 13 year old girl with obsessions. Nah, I'm depressed. I used to self-harm. My last relapse was on 24th July 2013. So, for now I'm doing pretty well. ^-^
I have more stories than I'll post on here on a little site called Quotev.
My URL is: www.quotev.com/ForeverEllie
so go check it out, okay? ^-^
That's all for now.
Bye love. <3

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