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Well, I'm new to story writing and i prefer doing short stories because they are easier to read fast and can be really interesting sometimes

  • Calabrese

    Hey everyone!

    1 years agoReply
    Hey all,

    I did join this website a while ago and wrote a story and then I lost my interests in writing for some reason. But I'm back know and going to keep writing, it struck me that writing is a way to release some closed up emotions sometimes haha. So drop by and have a read of a few my stories if you want, also comment a few good people to follow for tips and everything or just in general write good stories.
    1 years ago
    Heey! Welcome back! I'm glad you came back to movellas to continue writing. I definitely agree on writing being a way to express your feelings. I will definitely check your page out and please do the same!

    1 years ago
    Good to be back, also, nice stories.
    1 years ago
    Thanks! Not finished reading yours but so far I love them! <3
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