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Hi im charlotte, im a directioner ilove them but now im gonna tel something about me : i am 5'7 tall, i'm not fat but also not tin i'm just a little normal. I have blue brown eyes. I'm from holland but when i'm 18 i go to UK or
US. I like photographic, horse riding and hockey . But now i'm missing horse riding i have to stop it when i start whit hockey

My english is very bad but i hope you can read it xxxcharlotte

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    I was crying, it beautiful Xx
    Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college....
    5 years ago
    Aw Thank you <3
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    Update ahhh pleasee
    Cyber Louis
    Cyber Louis
    Rae is a shy girl who is constantly bullied at school and tortured by her family. She has one person to talk to whenever she feels sad or lonely, they met on a website which is completely anonymous. But...
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    Can you pleaseee update
    The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP
    The Fame Project...
    School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And...
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    Nice story
    Meeting Him
    Meeting Him
    Sydney Tanner is a normal 19 year old girl, she loves bakeing, art and music. But one day her life changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson, and she changes his. They start dating and everything is going...
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    Very nicee iLoveitt
    Just an Ordinary Girl
    Just an Ordinary...
    Hi! I'm Leilani. I'm just a regular girl who lives in Hawaii. Good student, popular, president of school, that kind of girl. Of course, with a love for One Direction! Who ever knew that this turn would...
    6 years ago
    Thanks soo much babe! Glad you like it so far!:D
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