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  • C.R.N. Stringfellow
    A really captivating story and I'm only four chapters in. The way you describe a situation and the characters feelings is just wonderful.
    The attack on the village by the Amani trolls really grabbed me and made me feel as if I was moving right behind Vesperis.
    As a former WoW enthusiast I jumped right into the world again. Brilliant!
    The Hunt Never Ends
    The Hunt Never End...
    An epic novel of love, passion, and war. Set in the Warcraft universe, in the time between the second war and the coming of Arthas. A young blood elf hunter is forced into military obligation and finds...
    C.R.N. Stringfellow
    wow... you are just spitting chapters out right now. Wish I could do that ;)
  • C.R.N. Stringfellow
    There has been a change to chapter 5. There was a part about Lord Commander Thallion that really didnt fit in there. It has been removed for later use ;-)
    Den of Scales - The betrayal
    Den of Scales -...
    Eimer Mae'a, a sergeant in the Amerrian Imperial Fleet, is set on a course that will change him forever. Unknown to him, an evil is surfacing on a planet far from home. The 63rd Imperial Fleet are ordered...
  • C.R.N. Stringfellow
    Ok, here's my problem... I actually suffer from number one and three, well, one and three and five. Ok, honestly, I suffer from one and three and five and seven and nine and ten. Im in trouble, arent I? Damn!
    Writers block!
    Writers block!
    We are going to give you tips of handling it and more... :P
  • C.R.N. Stringfellow
    Hehe, this is funny shit. Its like some crazy cartoon meets The Big Lebowski or something.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    All We Wanted was a Big, Fat Blunt
    All We Wanted was...
    The stupefyingly silly adventures of the Raz and Bojangles and their eternal quest for a big, fat blunt. The lack of quotation marks is deliberate, it's a technique borrowed from writers like Cormac McCarthy....
    C.R.N. Stringfellow
    Hehe yeah. Hadnt thought of Chech and Chong =)
  • C.R.N. Stringfellow
    Great story. The theme of the story is quite scary.
    Would be great if you could explore more of the "terrorism" that is performed in the News you got at the end of the story.
    I could see a good story in "Jerry - Rebel leader".
    Great work, keep it up =)
    "No! it must be a mistake! You got the wrong number! Please! You got the wrong number!", the young woman shrieked. She threw herself to the ground and writhed like a struggling snake kicking and screaming....
    C.R.N. Stringfellow
    Wonderful. Looking forward to it.
    Time.. its the one thing we are all in need of =)
    6 years ago
    Ooooo! I can't wait! I am sooooo exited! Please remind me when you put it up! :)
    6 years ago
    I will, but I've decided to finish off 'Wings for Marie' first before continuing 'Terra', so it might take a couple of weeks until I got the next chapter ready >.<
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