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    Hey, I hope it is not too late to submit a character, the details are as follows:

    Name: Artemis (used to be called Missy by people close to her)
    Good: She hates injustice, and cruelty, especially towards children.
    Backstory: Her mother has been dead for some years now, leaving her father to struggle to look after their three daughters, while he steadily regresses into violence and alcoholism. Thus his eldest daughter, Artemis, basically raised her sisters up on her own since then.
    A week ago, Artemis was out hunting for food with her wolfdogs, leaving her two sisters with her father at the camp. She returns some hours later to discover her home has been ransacked, her father cannot be found, and the throats of her two young sisters have been cut to the bone. She buries her sisters and salvages what she can from the camp, and goes on the hunt with her wolfdogs, this time in search of her father, and revenge.
    Personality: She is distrustful of strangers, particularly men. She only lets her guard down with animals and children. She is able to gain the trust of wild animals easily. She is travelling with her two pack of hunting wolfdogs, who are now her only companions.
    Looks: Artemis is a Scottish, 20 year old woman. She has long, wild brown hair and blue eyes. She wears well-worn leather hunting gear and carries a rucksack of provisions on her back.
    Weapon of Choice: She has trained her pack of wolfdogs to be her living weapons; they are incredibly ferocious and will hunt down and kill anyone that she considers to be a threat. They are a hybrid between grey wolves and Alaskan Malamutes. Her own fighting style tends to imitate the hunting style of her dogs; she is proficient at wrestling and fighting dirty. Because she has no conventional weapon of her own, she generally uses anything she can grab from her surroundings, eg, rocks, or weapons that scavenge from other people.
    Weaknesses: She is still in deep shock over the death of her sisters. She blames herself for their murder and is sometimes overwhelmed by grief and guilt, which can affect her judgement, making her reckless and ruthless.
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