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YodelayHeeHoo! Urm... How am I meant to describe myself? I love music, I play flute and piano, both for around 7 years! I'm obsessed with blogging, owlsandfoxes.wordpress.com is my blog, and am friends with Jazzy P and Thea G. who are also movellees, so go and check them out. I hope you like my movellas!

  • butterscotchgirl

    mumbled "18/02/13"

    Sorry! I've just realised that I miss typed the date of my last post.. oops! Yeah... urm, well, I decided to write another blog post for mainly three reasons. One, I am bored. Two, I am putting off the seemingly growing homework. And three, I wanted to say that I have updated The Unexpected Truth, and am hopefully going to find time to do so again. So yeah, I guess I have completed what I needed to do.. Bye!
  • butterscotchgirl

    mumbled "15/01/13"

    Yay! End of the first half of the Spring term! Finally... SO much work to do over the hols. I've only got two assessed essays, a couple of worksheets, a fact-file, and several research pieces to complete in only ONE week! It's like they think we are robots or something...
  • butterscotchgirl
    Thx Jazzy! I found it hard to start something... I hate writers block! C u Monday!
    The Unexpected Truth
    The Unexpected Tru...
    A tale of a girl, yearning for the comfort of love, and realising who she is and what means to her most in the cold and harsh reality.
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    mumbled "08/01/13"

    Well, this is my first Movellas blog post... It seems so much harder than actually creating a blog post on Blogger or Wordpress, (please visit my blog it's www.owlsandfoxes.wordpress.com), so yeah! Looking forward to the weekend, T.G.I.F!
    Nuclear Teddy-bear
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    Hello CHICKen!!!! I love your name (wink wink) so yeah hi!!!
    5 years ago
    What is it with the nickname, Chicken? I don't get it.. Oh yeah, thx for the SO subtle hint that you came up with the name!
    5 years ago
    Yup! I will, do you know why Jasmine calls me Chicken? I really don't know... Has she given you a nickname Iris?
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