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Hey! I'm Katie and welcome to my Fiction Press account, lovely to meet you all! I am an aspiring author and I want it more than anything in the world, it means that much to me. I really hope you enjoy my stories- it means a lot to hear feedback and I take into account all criticisms because they all make my writing better, which is what I want. Please feel free to drop a review, ask me any questions and thank you for doing so because it really does mean a lot.
I am completely addicted to ice cream- I love it soooo much!! If you give me a bowl of ice cream I will be a very happy bunny! I love Ed Sheeran, Avril Lavigne and Bon Jovi because i'm old school. I am small, so small the size small doesn't fit me. I am completely in love with a boy that doesn't love me back and I like cats!

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