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• My names Kay
• Larry is real! sorrynotsorry ♥
• I love all my fellow
Directioners :3
• Fangirling is my thing 24/7
• One Direction is life
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People say Larry shippers are the dark side of the fandom but that's only because we're stuck in the closet.

  • BullshippingLarry♥
    Can I please have an imagine? :) my name is Kaylee and I would like one with Louis. I have blonde hair and brown eyes and you can decided what happens in it :) x
    1D Imagines/One shots
    1D Imagines/One...
  • BullshippingLarry♥
    Can I please have an imagine? My name is Kaylee, im 15, I have blonde hair, I have brown eyes, I want louis, and you can decide what happens :) x
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    These are a collection of One Direction Imagines and Preferences. Some of these I wrote, some of these I didn't. ©
  • BullshippingLarry♥
    My name is Kaylee I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm 15 almost 16 and the boy I want is louis and were dating and you can pick the theme :) x
    One direction Imagines
    One direction Imag...
    This account is for imagines. Feedback as always appreciated, I don't do this often. If you are interested in imagines, comment with 1. Your hair color 2. your eye color 3. what type of relationship you...
  • BullshippingLarry♥
    My names Kaylee I'm very shy and quiet but load when you get to know me and also people have told meI'm really funny and fun to be with. I would like an imagine with Louis and you can decide what happens :) x
    Imagine This (1D Imagines)
    Imagine This (1D...
    So I decided to try out 1D imagines. This is my first one so I new at this! Just comment the boy below and your deets! Bye love ya my Stylies!
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