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  • Bubba0428
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    I think we both truly love using darkness as not only a noun but also a verb. An authority. I love it!
    I'll Wake Up Soon
    I'll Wake Up Soon
    Sometimes things feel so low, you wish that you could wake up from the nightmare.
    Squonk of the Nightshade
    At the moment darkness is all around me.

  • Bubba0428
    2 years agoReply
    Movellas account name: Bubba0428
    Name of book: Words can Cut like Knives
    Book Genre: Poetry (I think...?)
    Book Title: Words can Cut like Knives
    Author: Rebecca Petrucelli
    Cover credit: Please do this, you deserve it!
    Description: I really don't have an exact idea in mind but something reflecting the title. I know you will do a good job!

    Cover Shop
    Cover Shop
    CLOSED RIGHT NOW. IM VERY BUSY AT THE MOMENT AND THE COVER SHOP IS BECOMING TOO MUCH STESS TO THINK ABOUT. Sorry for any inconvenience. Custom Free Book Covers Must now become a fan to receive covers,...
    Sophia Fletcher
    2 years ago
    ill get this done as soon as possible
    2 years ago
    You da best!
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