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My name is Ben Tolson. For five years I was stranded on a metaphorical writing island with only one goal: develop.

I've been writing fan fiction for five years now, using a different website. However it seemed like it was dying out, so I decided to seek new pastures for my stories. I was recommended to come here so I'm hoping things will be fresh, new, and exciting here!

I'll be honest - I enjoy blood, guts, and gore. But more importantly I enjoy developed characters. One thing that gets on my nerves is characters in horror have little to no develop unless you are the villain. I prefer caring about these characters, following them, then watching in shock and awe as their entrails are ripped out and twisted round their necks to hang from the ceiling.

...So yeah, I enjoy horror as well as good ol' fashioned adventure. Recently, I've started to get interested in fiction about the occult and the supernatural, so I'll see where that leads me. My overall goal in life is to be an author and I really believe that's a possibility. Hell, most anything's possible as long as you try hard enough!

I'm looking forward to a fresh start here on Movellas!

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    I would love some criticism and opinions!

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    Hey there! I'm working on a story called Final Destination: Encore, which, as the title suggests, is based off the Final Destination franchise.

    I love the concept behind Final Destination, but, quite frankly, the characters kind'a suck. I pride myself in delving into my own characters and making them interesting so that when their time comes, you actually care about them.

    Any constructive criticism or opinions would be extremely welcome. Without them, I'll never be able to advance my skills, after all :D I promise it's a interesting, deep, and tragic ride for Final Destination: Encore.
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