Hello, I suppose you're here to learn more about me and my writing. Here I go.

I am a 17 year old girl from the US of A. I enjoy cats, eating, and reading. I also enjoy writing. I can solve many types of Rubik's Cubes and people tend to think I am a genius. (It's not that hard. It's memorization and application, like math.) However, I do have a genius IQ.

I have placed with only one story 'Kaleidoscope of Memories' in the On Dublin Street: Love and Loss Competition. I currently write a lot of romance but will give anything a try.

I was also shortlisted for the Movelly's with my One Direction fan-fiction 'No Words Are Needed'. It is currently being rewritten to compete in the Best Fanfiction Writer in the World Competition.

I placed in the Little Mix fan fiction competition, with my story Mix It Up!
Go check out 'A Tea Filled Summer', it's my most prized piece of writing. You can check out Slowly, which is both a one-shot and currently being made into a short story.

I hope you all enjoy my writing and leave wonderful comments about how amazing and beautiful I am.

If you want to read other works, read anything in my favorites and I do have a list and a book of recommended reads, which I will be adding to again. Because I forgot how much fun it was to do that.

S/O to my favorites, Lia, ICG, Sakura, Hopeless Wanderer, Katy Erin, UMK, Toxic Fiction, and Aunty Midnight,

Peace, love, and carrots.
Stay true, y'all.

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  • Kierstinnn

    Hello, hello!

    How are you all? I have roughly an hour until I have to go to work. Someone give me something to read!
    Me and @[A Chemical Reaction] are co-authoring this for the comp:
    Two Colours In One HeadThe brain is the most complex organ in the human body, with even the most intelligent scientists and doctors still baffled by its inner workings. It...

    Care giving it a read? :D
    E.H.Weaver Nightshade
    I would say a book by me...but I deleted them all. xD
    Of course, Lia! I still can't tag you. >.<
  • Kierstinnn

    Grocery Shopping.

    So, it's roughly 1:30 am here. And I just got back from grocery shopping for my mom. I bought myself a can of Reddi-Whip so I' enjoying that. Yay food. Yay midnight grocery shopping,
  • Kierstinnn

    5 fun facts!

    I decided to tell you guys some fun facts about myself.

    1. I'm in a long-term relationship and half of the time we're perfect together, and the other half we fight and hate each other. So that's fun.

    2. I totaled my car back in February and then used it as an inspiration poem for my English class. (For the record, I got a perfect on that poetry project).

    3. I can speak in an Australian accent. One time when my boy and I were out, it's how I talked to everyone and when they asked if I was from Australia, I said yes. I even pretended that my name was Chloe, because it sounds more Australian than Kierstin.

    4. I'm so messy and unorganized. My bedroom is a wreck, I never wash laundry and at one point it was like a small eco system in here, as there was sand, dirt and several live bugs in here. Whoops. Also, my school work is so unorganized that my AP World teacher organized it all into a binder for me.

    5. I'm so anti-social at times. I often lie to people about what I'm doing so that I don't have to hang out with them. Whoops!

    I hope you enjoyed my facts! Give me 5 back!
    E.W. HemmingsAmbass..
    Okay, here are my five random facts back:
    1) I've never been in a relationship and every guy I fancy likes someone else. :(
    2) I hardly ever watch TV because there's nothing good to watch.
    3) I'm an Internet addict.
    4) I started writing by writing Warrior Cats fan fiction.
    5) I'm Gifted & Talented in 7 different subjects (English, Science, History, Geography, Music, Languages and DT)
  • Kierstinnn

    Aw. Aw.

    So my step-sister's half-sister loves me. She's two years old. She is sleeping over tonight and I am leaving to go to the store for my mom in about a half an hour and she has to sleep with someone in the room, and she wanted to sleep in my room, but she can't so I had to take her to my mom's room and she's crying and screaming my name right now so I'm sad.
    Awww, that's adorable. I love little kids :)
    She's seriously so precious.
  • Kierstinnn


    So, I've laid in bed writing and listening to music all day and have decided on a 5sos fan fiction. It will be coauthored and awesome. Not too sure when it will come out. But I cannot wait for it.
    Michael's Kitten
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