Hello, I suppose you're here to learn more about me and my writing. Here I go.

I am a 17 year old girl from the US of A. I enjoy cats, eating, and reading. I also enjoy writing. I can solve many types of Rubik's Cubes and people tend to think I am a genius. (It's not that hard. It's memorization and application, like math.) However, I do have a genius IQ.

I have placed with only one story 'Kaleidoscope of Memories' in the On Dublin Street: Love and Loss Competition. I currently write a lot of romance but will give anything a try.

I was also shortlisted for the Movelly's with my One Direction fan-fiction 'No Words Are Needed'. It is currently being rewritten to compete in the Best Fanfiction Writer in the World Competition.

Go check out 'A Tea Filled Summer', it's my most prized piece of writing. You can check out Slowly, which is both a one-shot and currently being made into a short story.

I hope you all enjoy my writing and leave wonderful comments about how amazing and beautiful I am.

If you want to read other works, read anything in my favorites and I do have a list and a book of recommended reads, which I will be adding to again. Because I forgot how much fun it was to do that.

S/O to my favorites, Lia, ICG, Sakura, Hopeless Wanderer, Katy Erin, UMK, Toxic Fiction, and Aunty Midnight,

Peace, love, and carrots.
Stay true, y'all.

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