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“What do you want?"
"Just coffee. Black - like my soul.” -Cassandra Clare

I guess I should just give you the basics about myself: I'm 17 years old. I'm from the US. I enjoy cats and spaghetti and 5Sos. I also really like to read and write and I waste my summer doing school work because I like to take a million and one AP Classes.

- Silver in On Dublin Street: Love and Loss Competition (Kaleidoscope of Memories).
- Shortlisted for Fanfiction of The Year 2012 (No Words Are Needed)
- Little Mix Competition (Mix It Up!)

Go check out 'A Tea Filled Summer', it's my most prized piece of writing. You can check out Slowly, which is both a one-shot and currently being made into a short story.

I hope you all enjoy my writing and leave wonderful comments about how amazing and beautiful I am.

If you want to read other works, read anything in my favorites and I do have a list and a book of recommended reads, which I will be adding to again. Because I forgot how much fun it was to do that.

S/O to my favorites, Lia, ICG, Sakura, Hopeless Wanderer, Katy Erin, UMK, Toxic Fiction, LoveOfTheMusic, and Aunty Midnight,

Peace, love, and carrots.
Stay true, y'all.

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    mumbled "I decided that I'm starting this thing..."

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    I decided that I'm starting this thing where I am going to write a new short story each week. But each story I will be focusing on a different aspect to improve on with writing, ie dialogue, detail, character development, etc.
    Does that sound like it would be helpful? Do it with me, anyone!
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    This is very well written! I was sort of hesitant to read (because I'm not a huuuge fan of fan fiction) but I like this so far. Your grammar is very good, the writing style is set, and already we're seeing some character development. Keep it up! I've liked and faved, and will be checking out your other stories!
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    Room Number 514...
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    Thank you, means a lot. I am glad you liked it

    ~Jenna (:
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    I'm only in what is technically chapter 3, really 7, and she smashes the photo from when she was five but her mom leaves when she's three, just a little inconsistency issue. Otherwise, it's a pretty good story. I'd like to hear some more details about a few different things, like how you did in the beginning with her talking about the white walls. That was really good.
    It's Complicated
    It's Complicated
    Sometimes I think that life is just a huge game. A test, if you will. A test that is used to sort the good people from the bad. Life is a mass of tangled wires, just waiting to be untangled. Life is-is......
    Asteria Grace
    2 weeks ago
    If you've found other issues please let me know, I want to make it as good as I possibly can. I'll fix that right away! Thank you so much for letting me know! :)
    Asteria Grace
    2 weeks ago
    Oh, and probably tomorrow I'm going to work on adding more detail into what I already have. I'm trying to make the next chapter as detailed as I can. :) Thanks againg for letting me know. :D
    Asteria Grace
    6 days ago
    @[Kierstinnn] would you be interested in helping me edit It's Complicated? Like the new chapters? Please let me know if you're interested or not.
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