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“What do you want?"
"Just coffee. Black - like my soul.” -Cassandra Clare

I guess I should just give you the basics about myself: I'm 17 years old. I'm from the US. I enjoy cats and spaghetti and 5Sos. I also really like to read and write and I waste my summer doing school work because I like to take a million and one AP Classes.

- Silver in On Dublin Street: Love and Loss Competition (Kaleidoscope of Memories).
- Shortlisted for Fanfiction of The Year 2012 (No Words Are Needed)
- Little Mix Competition (Mix It Up!)

Go check out 'A Tea Filled Summer', it's my most prized piece of writing. You can check out Slowly, which is both a one-shot and currently being made into a short story.

I hope you all enjoy my writing and leave wonderful comments about how amazing and beautiful I am.

If you want to read other works, read anything in my favorites and I do have a list and a book of recommended reads, which I will be adding to again. Because I forgot how much fun it was to do that.

S/O to my favorites, Lia, ICG, Sakura, Hopeless Wanderer, Katy Erin, UMK, Toxic Fiction, LoveOfTheMusic, and Aunty Midnight,

Peace, love, and carrots.
Stay true, y'all.

  • Molly Looby

    mumbled "It's That Time Again"

    1 weeks agoReply
    @[PonyMad_BookLover], @[Uniqua Niques], @[Ellie02] - I need your word counts for this week's update to the Epic Race!

    Also @[Kierstinnn] - I can't get your user name to work in NaNo, what was it again? I need your word count too.

    Thanks guys!
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    I have finished!!!
    50,000 words in 15 days. 7,168 today. I need to get a life.
    Molly Looby
    1 weeks ago
    That is incredible! I've started the YWP list and you are the head-liner! Congrats!
    NaNo YWP Winners 2014!Movellas: (1)The amazing people who reached their word goal in 30 days this November!
    Uniqua Niques
    1 weeks ago
    Sorry I toom so long to reply @[Molly Looby] , my word count is 16,771. @[PonyMad_BookLover] , that is amazing!! Congrats :D
  • Kierstinnn
    2 weeks agoReply
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    Could you add me in the list of participants? I've signed up on NaNoWriMo. My username there is Kierstinnn.
    The Epic NaNoWriMo Race 2014
    The Epic NaNoWriMo...
    Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and witness the most extreme race known to the writing world. That's right! NaNoWriMo! But who'll be first to the finish line? Only time will tell.
    Molly Looby
    2 weeks ago
    Yep, adding you now :)
    Molly Looby
    2 weeks ago
    I can't seem to find you on NaNoWriMo? :S
  • Kierstinnn

    mumbled "NaNoWriMi"

    2 weeks agoReply
    I'm slightly late, but I'm just writing 2084 words each day instead of the 1667 a day. So, I've started and will continue tomorrow. Why don't you check it out?

    ImagineWhen Maggie's case worker finds her a relative to live with, she is moved 10 hours away from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Apollo, Pennsylvania- a very...
  • Kierstinnn
    2 weeks agoReply
    Title; Imagine
    Author; Kierstinnn
    Description; it's about, among other things, foster care, football, love, and is set in Pennsylvania.
    Celebrities; No one in mind, particularly, but the main character is a brunette with green eyes, but only slightly pretty, not really model like.
    Other; I'd just ask that the colors stay darker, because its kind of emotional and depressing being about a girl from foster care, but it's also a love story, so still make is romantic? I might be asking for weird things, and I deeply apologize if I am! It's just for NaNoWriMo, so there's no real deadline. Thank you!
    Cover|Banner Store ● Closed
    Cover|Banner Store...
    ⇊Look first chapter for instructions.⇊
  • Kierstinnn

    mumbled "Cover Contest? "

    2 weeks agoReply
    So I'm a little late on starting NaNoWriMo but I'm going to get it done! I've spent the last week planning and will just have a bit more to write each day. I need a cover though! The story is a romance, and about a football, foster care, and is set in Pennsylvania. Can anyone make a cover based off of that?
    6 days ago
    You do nanowrimo too I do that
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