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Hello there :)

I'm a soon to be graduating Applied Drama student with an interest in creative writing. I've been writing all sorts of things since I was a wee nipper. Now I mostly scribble poetry, spoken word stuff and scripts but I'd like to give stories a go and love reading them :)

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    Looks good so far :) Has definitely wet my appetite, being a fan of dystopian fiction. I think feedback is always useful so here goes...It's maybe a little predictable? As in very Hunger Games-esque, that kind of thing. But this is only the very beginning, so I'm looking forward to some twists n turns to come! It's well written for an A-level student and kudos for being so brave as to pop it online, I'm yet to 1: muster the time n energy n 2: beat the last few lingering creative block monsters in order to do it! So welldone :)
    Rite to Life
    Rite to Life
    -THIS IS A DYSTOPIAN- In a future, yet illusive world, society is divided into three factions. No one ever speaks of Faction One since the feud between people and the king. Nara is from Faction Two. She...
    Jodie Angell
    5 years ago
    Thank you!
    Yes, there are PLENTY of twists & turns, I assure you :) (& a great cliffhanger ;) )
    Writer's block is awful! I hope you manage to overcome it! :D
    Thanks again! <3
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