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    Confuse , until now I don't have my own direction , but in my mind , money is always important to me , why ?
    without money , we can't survive, ofcouse I have money , but not that much . I want to be rich , but have to try my best . what to be ?
    now , I was like being lifesless walking around , and see what can I do .

    actually I have my part time job right now . this job is a must , for hardworking , only you get paid .
    owe people money was not that good feeling , should blame myself , I'm greedy . greedy of what ? greedy for more money . I fail in a business for last month . Made my life more suffer , what to do ?
    everything goes smooth is better than nothing you have , I will pay all of the money asap .
    what I think before is , suicide . but that such a stupid thinking , I continue to go on my life , wait for the coming week .

    I felt that I almost give up my study , but I guess that my parents will be very very sad .
    maybe I will lost them , or maybe there is no hope on me . I felt sorry for them , but I dislike study . for sure , I have no idea how to force myself to . please ... please ...

    forgive me for everything , what I always made was made my parenrs felt disappointed to me .

    but I won't let you all look down at me , I said that I will do that for you all !!
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