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Hey, I've been writing from a young age but decided to finally start putting stuff out there.

Hope you all like it. xx

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    I really enjoy writing, my story Free Fall was something I felt passionate about continuing but with the lack of feedback I feel like it's me and I am a horrid writer. I really don't know what to do from this point.
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    Hey, just having a great day! Wanted to put a cute picture out there, hopefully brighten your day. (: Once again thank you all who have read Free Fall, means a lot. And if you haven't yet... What are ya doing?! (: I kid, I kid!

    Love you guys and have a great day! xx
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    Free Fall

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    Just put a new fan fiction out there and wanted to see if anyone liked it. If you are younger it might be too promiscuous, but give it a read and let me know what you think! Love you guys! <3
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    I like this, it has a good developing plot. Just for some writing feedback from another writer. There is a lot of things not capitalized that need to be, like 'i'. Also in some of the dialog there are no punctuation. Other than that the substance is great (: Keep it coming!
    The New Family (One Direction Fan fiction)
    The New Family (On...
    Sarah Sheeran. Everything about her is normal, she's just a 15-year-old girl. Except that she's Ed Sheeran's cousin. The weird part that she has never met him before. What will happen when all sarah's...
    4 years ago
    Thank you (: i'm still reading your story i'll give you my feedback when i'm done
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