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Hoping to be successful with my creative writing. (Not to much to hope for, i guess.) :)

  • BrokenWhisper

    mumbled "Dreams"

    To never have a dream and yet wish for hundreds, to never have seen and only wish to be a part of.
    Scheming a story, and planning events.
    Tell of it later, and dream of what's next.
    Characters with life, full of adventure. Characters of death, waiting for a future.
    Only then, will it make sense. Only dreams cannot be summoned by the eye.
    It is but a thought that comes to the mind, a tiny idea of living life.
    A dream is but a dream, that keeps most young. Or, a dream is a haunting memory, destroying ones thoughts.
    Live with dreams, you live the impossible.
    Live without dreams, you die of the possible.
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