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Hey hey! ♥

Hello, my name is Agatha Kaethe Edwards.

I love singing (especially Theater Arts :D)
I love reading. It let me escaped from the darkness of reality
I love writing. (It's half of my life)
I love playing piano, guitar, alto saxophone and violin (I love music :D)
I love Braids. I like how they simply turn your hair into something amazing
I love color Blue. It's keeps me relaxed and happy.

Falling in Love? (i don't know :P Crushes maybe :D )

Singers who I love the most:
~ One Direction
~ Ed Sheeran
~ Bruno Mars

║██║♫ Paste this on
║██║♫ your page if♫
║(O)║♫you love♫
╚══╝♫ music♫

█ 10% Stupid
██ 20% Weird
███ 30% Kind
████ 40% Loveable
█████ 50% Smart
██████ 60% Cool
███████ 70% Tribute
████████ 80% Wizard
█████████ 90% Directioner
██████████ 100% AWESOME!!

♕One Direction Rules my heart♕
~ Niall James Horan ♥
~ Louis William Tomlinson
~ Harry Edward Styles
~ Liam James Payne
~ Zayn Malik

Bestfriends on Wattpad: @IamMystery @DreamingTillTomorrow :D

I hope you always comment so your criticism will help me construct my way up ;)

Hope you get to know me more by my writings or work! :)) Thanks for the time and I love you guys! :)) ♥

Please DO NOT advertise your stories on my wall and especially on my own stories. I will not check them out if they are there. Under no circumstance. They will also get deleted as soon as possible. There is a club on Wattpad made specifically for that! Go check out "Share My Story" under Community. Thank you! :)

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