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You know when you have mad dreams on a night that could potentially work as a story but when you wake up you completely forget them.... Yeah me too.

so i've decided that my mad dreams will be my way to get people to read my very... whats the world... very typical fanfics so i'm going to mix them up a bit hopefully get more reads.

about me:

Apart of the 5SOSFAM,
Is a Janoskianator

Addicted and in love with Michael Clifford & Luke Brooks

Knows all the lyrics to all the 5SOS & The Janoskians songs


Proper band girl,

Hates pop music,

Addicted to minecraft,







Falls in love easy,

Hopeless romantic


If you follow me, I follow back and if you mail me I'll try and message back as quick as I can :) x

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    mumbled "update !!!!"

    11 months agoReply
    i've just updated Jigsaw Puzzle soon go read it if your a fan of it and if your not go read some of my other book.. please comment and like them if you do enjoy them.

    Megan xx
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    mumbled "Update"

    I've updated most of my book today so if you'd like to go read them please do.. I'm finally getting back into writing so please give me all the criticism necessary to make me a better writer.

    love meg x
    1 years ago
    Do you want CC swap?
    I'll give you if you too could review mine!!! Just let me know if :)
    11 months ago
    whats a cc swap???
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    there is an early access code if you guys would like it ???
    Jigsaw Puzzle (BoyxBoy)
    Jigsaw Puzzle (Boy...
    Luke is an open gay well he is until he moves to his new school which is half was across the world from his home town of Melbourne, Australia. Luke starts getting bullied in his new school by the guy...
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    ebba112b-bd26-408c-9161-04f1faa2d9e6 - early access code for you lot :) x
    You Can't Forgive My Sins - AI
    You Can't Forgive...
    Squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars.... Gina's and Ashton's relationship is going smoothly and well nothing could be better for this happy married couple but when news of a baby arrives. Everything Gina...
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    mumbled "GO read my book"

    I've posted a few new books today like Kissing Lesson which is my book on wattpad and You Can't Forget My Sins which is my squeal to You Can't Heal My Scars. So please GO read them because it would mean a greta deal to me and also if you read my other books as well.
    love ya's x
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