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    We service all industries that require process control solutions tailored to the specific needs of the application. Our primary customers industries include: Any and all Process Control Applications; Paint Finishing Systems; Boiler Control Systems; Power House Operations; Incineration; Furnace Controls, and Bake Ovens; Water and Waste Water Management; Pulp and Paper Production; Automation and Material Handling Systems.

    The Aarell Company is a Control Systems Solution Provider. We specialize in Process Control. The Aarell Company's aggressive, enthusiastic approach to problem-solving brings to us many challenging opportunities to create unique solutions. We have always maintained the same approch to each new project. This involves understanding each new industry's process, how their equipment needs to be operated and using the best hardware suppliers for a given application. This has allowed Aarell to remain price competitive while supplying top of the line equipment to satisfy the clients needs.

    To integrate a control system solution we apply our talents and experience to first understand our customer’s process. We then integrate components into a systemto provide a complete and satisfactory solution that maintains the most effective and consistent operation of that process. We have evolved into a company that creates solutions by designing, building, and servicing complete industrial process control systems. We meet our objectives by combining the many facets of control to provide one homogeneous control system for the benefit of the ultimate user and within our projected cost. Our progressive nature will continue to lead us into new fields of interest which allows us to build on the foundation we have established. Our enthusiasm for accepting new challenges will continue our evolution along new frontiers limited only by our responsibility to effectively manage our resources.
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