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    mumbled "Foster Home"

    "Tara we are going to have to take you into Foster care. "What! Why?!" "Well you mom has stage 3 lung cancer. And your father is in jail.plus you live alone Tara."
    "But my mom will get better! I have faith."
    She might Tara. But I am going to set you up a family just in case something bad happens to your mother. Because your father isn't aloud to be near you."
    "Ugh! I'm leaving!"
    *door slams behind Mrs. Kennedy*
    (Mrs.Kennedy is the head of the Foster Care services.)

    "Yes Tara?"
    "Are you d-dying?"
    "Why would you say that precious?"
    "Because I'm not dumb! I'm 15 and know you have cancer!"

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