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I just made one of these to talk to the people who copied my story. Um yeah, bad ass here.

If you can help me, just please keep convincing the people copying my stories to please stop.. It's sickening, :(

Go find me on Wattpad, I write The Cupcake Girl :))

  • BritishBums
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    Ookay.. Really?!? Please please please stop copying my storylineeee.. My four stages.. :(( Please make it more original, I really dont want people copying my story.. Pleaseee. I'm not trying to be mean, but just.. Please! :(
    My Cupcake Girl ♡
    My Cupcake Girl...
    Hey I'm Rosie.. Rosie Anderson.. I was Harry Styles best friend... till he left me and left for the X-factor to live his dreams.. lets just say... There are 4 stages I learn: Falling..Asking...Lying...Loving ~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡...
    5 years ago
    whats your story called if i may ask?
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