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Hey, my name is Trinity, but you can call me Trin! :)
As you can all see, I'm BritishBabe... and before you ask, no, I am not British -.- I wouldn't mind having one of those sexy British accents though... ;)
I plan on writing plenty of stories, so don't worry about it. Yes, I am a One Direction fan, so expect fanfictions.
If you have any kind of problem with me and my sometimes sassy attitude, I recommend you go and whine to someone who will care. If you'd like to whine, argue, or complain about me, to me, then I will report your page.
Oh, if any of you ever wanna talk to someone, I'm here! You can email me at britishbabe.01@gmail.com! I'm warning that I probably won't check this email that often, and I'm going to apologize for that.
Have a nice day, and by the way...
You're beautiful :)


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    Hello everyone! I have just came on Movellas for the first time today and decided to enter this competition! I was hoping that some of you could check out my new story that I entered for this competition, which is called 'Different.' It's a One Direction Fan Fiction and I just want to get some feedback on it so far. If you see any grammical or punctuation errors, don't be scared to leave a comment for me to fix it! I want to be able to improve my writing, and I'm hoping that this site will help me with that. :)
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