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I love:
-my friends,
-Annarose my sissy,
-taking pics,
-1D is my:
-life my soul
-my food I eat
-my water I drink...
-their my everything o.o
-If you don't like my profile or my stories...Don't follow me!!
KK bye!!
P.S-I live in Superman land with 1D xD

  • Brit_loves_1D_o_o
    I love the story but I did note get the end at all
    We meet again... {15+ please}
    We meet again......
    Megan, a 18 year old stripper meets the lovely Harry Styles and things gets heated up. 15+ please
    6 years ago
    Me neither, i just used my sexual imagination, lol.
  • Brit_loves_1D_o_o
    W-R-I-T-E MORE!!
    When the boys come a knocking.
    When the boys come...
    Jason, Anna, and Brittany are 3 best friends who are in a boring, old school. But things start to spice up a little bit when 5 new students start school!
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