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    here's my first..... like please!!!

    Brianna's POV
    Zayn just stared into my eyes. I stared right back. Brown, flecked with beauty. Kindness reflected in those eyes. He leaned in. And I leaned in too. before I new it we were locked in a passionate embrace and our lips crashed together. Zayn picked me up and I wrapped me legs around his waist. He started walking upstairs. Zayn laid me down so gently on the bed, never breaking the kiss. He unbuttoned my shirt halfway and kissed where I had gotten the tattoo of our names. He unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way, all the while kissing up my torso. Zayn kissed up my neck to my lips and then to my ear. I could hear him whispering quietly. " I love you" over and over. I ran my fingers through his hair. I willed him to keep moving down. I wanted this so badly, I had never wanted thus with any other guy, but zayn was different. He kept kissing me all the way down and I loved every second of it. Zayn removed my light gray skinny jeans and started to move back up. He unclasped my bra and removed his own shirt and pants. Zayn ran his fingers over my tattoo one last time before he removed my panties.
    Passionate. that's what it was. amazayn. I wouldn't change it for the world. waking up next to Zayn would be amazing. beautiful. being able to watch him sleep....
    A loud beeping noise starts.... NOOO!!!!! I dreamt it again!!!!! Zayn and I had been dating for months now, and we had started thinking about sex. we talked it over and now we would do it whenever the time felt right...... In my dreams. that's where it felt right.... sigh..... only 3 hours before our day together began.
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