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It's up to you to make your own history.

Love is a word, not strong enough to describe my feelings for you. (From Nothing will change, an upcoming Niall Horan love story.)

Just making this clear, my real name isn't Brianna. It's just a name I always wanted (:

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    gahhh, one introduction and im already crazy about it!! And I agree #Luiel
    That One Summer // Luke Hemmings
    That One Summer...
    It should be another typical summer for young Ariel Meadows, but of course it's not. She never expected to gain anything from working in an ice cream parlor, with people tracking in sand from the beach,...
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    I love it!! AND HESSA <3 Well not in this story but the characters!!! (: O:
    What Is Love?
    What Is Love?
    Anne Field had a complicated life. Strict mother, lost father. She had nobody to look up to besides her best friend, Harry. Ever since he became famous, things changed and she lost the one person she trusted....
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    Title- Across the world
    genre- fanfic
    summary- three sisters (selena gomez, demi lovato and vanessa hudgens) are the trouble makers no parents want. One day they go to far and their parents send them to a boarding school across the world, but there's a twist. Underneath the surface, there's something dark and evil going on at the school. Being trouble was never helpful until now.
    author- BriannaOfficial
    specific images- demi, selena and vanessa hudgens :)
    quote- underneath the sky lyes trouble

    Cover Store || GabriellaOfficial✓
    Cover Store || Gab...
    Find out how to request covers in the first chapter!
    working on it as of right now! :) x
    done! :) x
    ahh! I dont know which one to choose, gahh!!!!!!! O:

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    I ALREADY HAVE A SHIP NAME!!!!!!! #Luanna #Lrianna IDK!
    Heartache On the Bigscreen
    Heartache On the...
    On a constant move, who has time for love? Luke's going on tour and Brianna has her rising career as an actress to focus on. Time is something neither of them have. That's why it could never work. Well,...
    1Direction infection
    AH! I love thattt!! :) x
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