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Hello, I love to read fan-fics i have an account on Wattpad also and that's where I write all my stories, I have a twitter @1Dbrenda _payne. I go to secondary school , IM going to go to Bar tending school so I can be a bartender , I have 2 sisters IM middle child, i wish i had 1 sister, i hate my little sister, my middle name
is sherrie , my real last name is Boyce , IM 5'8 , IM am currently writing this description on my phone, I have a best friend named Bella , I have another best friend named Emily who lives in Australia , I hate the names Ally, Crystal, Genesis, Francys and Alyson , because those are the names of people who ruin my life. My favorite food is Tacos's and my favorite member is Liam, I know everything about the boy , even their blood type........not even lying.

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    I think the word 'buttwhipes' is what drove me reading this :)
    Watching The Sky Fall
    Watching The Sky...
    Sky (Skyler Marie Jade) Absolutly hates One Direction. She thinks they're the most arrogant, annoying, self centerd, cocky, buttwipes ever. However her best friend (Tanisha) doesnt agree with her. She...
    5 years ago
    When used the right way, it can be a funny word! It's one of my favorite names to call people who are complete jerks and stuck up snobs. Haha :) glad you like it!
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