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Hi Im Breaking_Tables and I like Bacon,Bacon is good Very good.I like Potatoes is well.I absoulutley love potatoes Mashed preferably theyre like a mushy heaven.....I also like the number 25 I really dont know why but I love that number and my favourite animal is a Cat I love Cats Cats are awesome.And I love one Direction!! And I can Never choose my favourite one they're all so class!! Whoo Bye gonna eat some Mashed Potatoes Goodbye (:

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    mumbled "my Blog"

    Hi guys, Im gonna sound so stupid right now but I dont know what you do in a blog so Im just gonna do something on this every week.............

    ~ Hi guys so I may only have 1 Fan on this site but it doesnt matter to me the only thing that matters to me is my uniqueness ( not sure if thats a word or not)
    So as I was saying I love this site... And you guys all have your own opinions...So tell me your problems frustrations and other stuff so I MAY be able to figure this stuff out or anything else sooooo just to get thisin here............

    Fears: Clowns , Heights and Moths
    I love: Swimming , running ,One Direction

    SO lads and lassies this is it until next week and I shall be anwsering any questins of in any way (:
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    Hi guys!! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while! I'm not feeling the best but it should be updated by next week...(:
    Let it Rain (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    Let it Rain (One...
    Piper Anne Faii . 18 years old . Just a normal tennage girl. Known as one of the guys ...... To her it was never about how she looked or how many boys she had kissed.It was about the magic of sport.Swimming...
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