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Hey there!! I'm Bre, I'm 18 yrs old and love writing stories of all sorts!! I have the most handsome baby boy who's a lil over 3 months, he's my everything :D I'm getting VERY ANNOYED over how many one direction fan fictions are on here. Anyways I'm working on stories now so I'll publish soon :)

  • Bre42
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    Dude I love this so much!! It's almost exactly how I would say it! Don't stop writing :D
    The  5%
    The 5%
    this is a bunch of things I hate about Movellas. One of them being 95% of the users are obsessed with one direction so I'm part of the 5% that doesn't write fan fictions. So haters going hate and really...
  • Bre42
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    Your story sucks!! Why the hell are you even writing crap like this, you don't even know how to write about sex dreams! Not to mention your probably like 14 yrs old. God this site is just full of stupid 1D fans writing crappy stories about how they get kidnapped or raped or bullied or get pregnant by 1D
    1D secret sex dreams
    1D secret sex drea...
    STOP! If you are that directioner who doesn't dream about sex containing 1D, then just click out of this book, because this is not for you. So don't complain in the comments, because this blurb and the...
    4 years ago
    Okay, why the hell are you even reading books like this if you hate them? You took the time out of your day to do something you hate, and then get mad at me for it? Don't be a fucking idiot and read the damn blurb, which CLEARLY warns you about how "crappy and sucky" it is. Fuck off, and leave me alone and go read something you want to read. Why are you wasting your time here?
    4 years ago
    Were aloud to have opinions and you are the hitches just leave her alone and just stop being sad heed get a life. Cheetah_Fangs ur my hero you say the things I dont have courage to say keep going, who gives a fuck what these thick bitched say do what you want xxx ♥
    4 years ago
    Who r u talking to?
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