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hello. i'm fourteen and i like teen vogue magazines and coffee.

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    I'm gonna use these on my fat science teacher. Well at least in my head. Haha.
    Comebacks and Insults :Þ
    Comebacks and Insu...
    NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE! These are for people who- like me- have allot of annoying siblings. No offence meant.
    4ღℯℓ1ℯ ✰
    Yeah, that probably wouldn't be a good thing to say them out loud. :P
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    Oh wow. That happens to me all the time. I'll be walking in the hallway, and someone would say the rudest thing to me, and they gonna say. "Oh. No offense." I'll be like WTF? What is 'no offense' gonna get you? A smack in the face. :P
    Things that annoy me
    Things that annoy...
    Congrats to me for 25 minutes of ranting on about what annoys me! This is where I complain about things that annoy me- and you are very welcome to help me out so comment below what annoys YOU! I am always...
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    Oh, wow. These are like the most hiliarious things I've heard. :P
    A Box of Laughter
    A Box of Laughter
    Just things to brighten up your day and make you laugh. Hopefully . . . Some material not suitable for younger readers. Leave some jokes in the comments and I might put them up and give you a mention...
    Niall The Nerd
    5 years ago
    Thank you :0) Would you mind checking out my other movella, "Why me?" Its for the poetry competition and it would mean a lot if you could check it out.
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