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    Worst Christmas ever is... My gran comes over. She is actually horrible (and she comes every year)
    She bought me sims 4 for £30 on the first link that came up on google, I then had to go cancel it and she told me she wouldn't buy it at all for me and if the refund doesn't work I have to pay for it.
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    Title - My Techno Boy
    About - Young teen girl meets a boy online on an app called MeLife
    By/Author -Georgia Brogden
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    Book title - My Techno Boy
    About - Young Teen Girl meets a boy online on an app called MeLife.
    By/Author - Georgia Brogden

    Btw this story won't be up for a while, so you won't get credit for a while as I have some more stories planned to go up first xxx
    Hi guys. I just made some covers. if you would like me to make you one just send me a comment! Also I plan on writing some stories with these covers but if you would like to use one that is in this collection......
    3 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for the request. I'll make the cover in about a month tops I got some family issues now. Once made I'll notify you and post it to the story
    Awww hun xxx
    Now the feelings xxx
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    Name on Cover - Georgia Brogden
    Title Name - The Golden Fairyĵ
    Ideas - Fairy girl in late teens, has gold somewhere on cover
    Genre - Fantasy

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