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  • BradfordBadBoiy
    Are you from Colorado too? My story was from Colorado too! Lol!
    Unexpected Changes
    Unexpected Changes
    I was attacked when I was 16... He told me that he would wait until I was 20. Until I moved to Colorado and got bitten by two vampires. And they forced me to drink their blood. Little did I know I was...
    5 years ago
    Actually no :( sorry but I thought of the Rocky Mountains and how the scenery would be in the story. But that's cool! How is it there?
  • BradfordBadBoiy
    Yours is very good with a few mistakes but it's still good! I mean, hey, we are just human! No one's story is gonna be perfect! But you can get close! =)
    When Raina falls to a death clouded with mystery and horror, one which not even The Elders can figure out, she is placed into Purgatory. As the mystery unveils, as well as the secrets of the place between...
    Eve Smallman
    5 years ago
    Thanks! Could you possibly point out a few of the mistakes please, so I know what I'm looking for? Thank you :)
  • BradfordBadBoiy
    You killed me. Why would you do this to me?!! This is so amazing! I love it! One of my top 5! =)
    Beauty and the Geek 2: When In Rome
    Beauty and the Gee...
    5 years after their complicated high school relationship, Emily and Will are miles apart leading completely different lives. A chance meeting in Italy could bring them back together...but there's a couple...
    Stephanie Williams
    No way?! Thankyou so much that means a lot :o Wow :)!! I hope you enjoy the update1 xxx
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