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    Note: A Griffman is a trainer for a species of pygmy griffins for the purpose of long distance delivery.
    Era of Steel: Letters of Odiss Bermota
    Era of Steel: Lett...
    Odiss Bermota, a foreign inventor developing weapons for an impending war between two empires. He hopes to regain respect for his family's legacy, serving the emperor as his father served. However he may...
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    mumbled "Wow!!"

    Only a day after publishing Era of Steel: Letters of Odiss Bermota It has received over 200 views more than A Morning of Steel received in half a year. I am glad you are reading it, and hope you like it. It is not a sequel to a Morning of Steel but it gets you a bit into depth of what is going on elsewhere. Can't give away too much, however, I can tell you this. Sh*t is gonna go down.
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    mumbled "Still working on the new Era of Steel short story. Meanwhile here is a preview. "

    The men laid the wrapped corpse down, gently. The unrolled the linen and exposed the horrific husk of what was once a young boy called Pine. The eyes were white like milk and skin pale and the lips grey. Outlines of scars covered the body.
    Kendra felt shivering coldness pass through her. She had seen corpses before, but only those long dead and of older ages. Never one so recent, and so young. She did not take the sight with ease, yet she did not look away.
    Jackal walked closer to examine the body, knelt down to the face.
    “Eyes almost completely white, yet have not begun to fully decompose. Pine was killed quite recently.” He placed his hand on the belly of the dead boy, and looked into the mouth. “Signs of drowning.” Jackal studied the scars, “Most of these marks are likely to be from brush, except this one along the cheek. These look like claw marks, and there is a gash at the top of his head that looks like from a blow of force.”
    “Claw marks from what?” Desmond asked, “A monster?”
    “Worse,” Jackal turned to his sister and the lord officer, “a human.”
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    mumbled "Been a While"

    I should get into using this website more often. I have been working on a sequel to A Morning of Steel, also working on applying for colleges at the same time. I hope I get into one of them.
    Just recently I swam across the Columbia River, and before that I cycled from Seattle to Spokane in five days. It has been a very enduring summer.
    I get that sequel out soon as possible.
    2 years ago
    Welcome back! :-) I love A Morning of Steel, can't wait for the sequel. Congrats on swimming the Columbian River. Sounds like you had a really busy summer. I'm Caza by the way! :-)
    2 years ago
    Nice to meet you Caza. :)
    I think you will like the sequel. But be warned, things are going to get dark for Kendra. I have been planning out other stories for this Lore. Her stepbrother Jackal and her friend Ned will also be getting their own short stories.
    2 years ago
    Sounds great! Can't wait! :-)
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