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Hi, Im Boston, I'm Bored. not really but I like to read. and I like 1D. I'm a Girl Scout, 13 years now. And, Captain of FIRST Team 1761

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If Cupcakes are just slutty muffins, I'm the Sluttiest Muffin there is!
But you all can be my Slutty Muffins. <3

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    mumbled "I'm gonna try to update tonight!"

    I shall try to update both stories tonight or tomorrow morning, before i leave for camp. if i can only get one up LMK which one you'd ratherrrr. <3 you!!!!!! Its probs gonna be When They Finally Noticed but if someone would rather KIA tell moiiiii! Love ya my slutty muffins!
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    mumbled "Beantown Blitz"

    So, with the FIRST robotics team I'm on, we went to Beantown Blitz yesterday, which is an off season event held at the Mathews Arena at Northeastern and its held by the team they mentor 25 the Neutrons, and so my team 1761, in alliance with teams 195, and 175, won the competition.
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    I know you just posted, but UPDATE! -oxox Boston
    Life of a highschooler.
    Life of a highscho...
    This story is a very shocking life story about a high schooler named Perren. She has lost so much, and has lost faith in her self. but just wait until she has to return back to hell... Oh wait, I mean...
    4 years ago
    Im gonna update right now.
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