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Mental Health Awareness Day 2017

by , Tuesday October 10, 2017
 Mental Health Awareness Day 2017

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health effects many, many people and even though that's a fact I don't think a lot is being done about it. 

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  • Katie Pharoah

    mumbled "Summer Kids Chapter 11"

    Chapter 11 of Summer Kids is now up and ready to go. I've been in London recently so I haven't been able to update but now you can see more of Eva and the wives bonding :)
  • Katie Pharoah

    mumbled "Poemday XD"

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    So it's Wednesday and that means that a new poem is released. This one is entitled 'Toe, Heel and Click, Clack', and it's about looking back on losing a friend. It also marks 2K on the anthology Dollhouses and War so I am very, very grateful.
    On another note the Avengers Infinity War trailer has been released and it's beyond awesome, can April just hurry up already?
  • Katie Pharoah
    This is awesome, I love everything about it especially the cover because it's beautiful. Keep up the great work XD
    A Brother to Basilisks
    A Brother to Basil...
    AU of PoA. Harry wakes in the night to a voice calling him from somewhere in the castle—and when he follows it, everything changes. Updated every Friday. This is a canon-divergent AU that starts after...
    Vriska Serket
    2 weeks ago
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    Thanks for the compliment, but this isn't my work! I'm only reposting it on here so more people can get access to it. I provided a link in the description to the actual author, and if they asked me to take it down I would do so.
  • Katie Pharoah
    1 months agoReply
    Split ups in the family are never easy but you'll get through it. Talk to your dad, see what's going on and make it clear that no one else knows therefore there isn't any sides (saying that you're the only one on his side puts monumental pressure on yourself).
    Cheating is never good and in my opinion he should move on but its his choice whether to work it out or not. Maybe tell him what you feel about the situation but make it clear that it's up to him (there's nothing worse than a parent saying you're interfering too much when it's their life).
    Hope this helps a little - you'll get through it don't worry just keep your head up!
  • Katie Pharoah

    mumbled "5k :D"

    1 months agoReply

    Nearly two months after finishing I Am its now reached over 5000 views! Thank you to every single reader and even those who haven't read it yet, this is the highest amount of views that a proper novel of mine has gotten.
    I'm shook XD
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