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  • Books4life4901
    hey. this is random. oh well. so you see i was looking at the book you published and i was hoping you can help me. you see, i have also published my stories on wattpad and wish to share them here. but i can't figure our how. :/. please help me if you can. if you do, the best way to contact me in wattpad. my surname is Booksforlife4901.
    thanks.i understand if you deny help me. its kinda weird for me to ask.
    but anyways. bye
    1 years ago
    Hey I'm so sorry I didn't use wattpad and Movellas for 2 years so I didn't see your message.. or anyone's at that. :(
  • Books4life4901
    hey people. My name is Chrissy. i am new. obviously. i am also on wattpad but with a different username. If your on wattpad as well, you would know me as Booksforlife4901. i'm not exactly sure how to publish my story here. :(.
    can anyone help me please. it would help a lot. thanks
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