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    mumbled "BOOK REVIEW: Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter"

    When I started Paper Aeroplanes, I didn't know what to expect. And when I was about ten pages in, I wasn't really enjoying this novel because I had found it a little confusing. This was due to the perspective of the character changing every few pages or so and I had found it very hard to get into. Then, about fifty-five pages inwards, something in Dawn's writing had made me change my entire opinion towards this book and I started to really enjoy Paper Aeroplanes. I fell in love with the characters, all of the comical scenes made me laugh much more than before, the events seemed as if I had experienced them in my life and my emotions were toyed with throughout the whole book! It was quite amazing! Dawn O'Porter, if you are a girl, makes you understand the real-life problems a girl has to go through and it doesn't make you feel as if you are alone in the world. And this was a unique way of telling a young girl about her life. I was a little curious about this debut; I have rarely read anything similar to this genre and I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it because the blurb didn't seem as interesting from other books I have read before! =] But by the end of the book, I was either crying or giggling-just by Dawn's spectacularlar writing!

    I thought the plot was great, it was different because you don't normally come across books that are told by the perspective of two characters. So I really enjoyed this aspect because I got to see what Renée and Flo thought of the same dilema! I think that this technique really has a big impact on the reader so I think that really gives Paper Aeroplanes a whole new level of greatness! As I had said in the last paragraph, I fell in love with the characters! My favourite character has to be Renée; she is mostly the reble of the story whereas Flo is just the goody-too-shoes of the story and she just follows the rules. But there are some parts with Flo that I really adored in Dawn's book! =D I think that if you really pay attention to this book, by the end I think that you will be part of the fandom and start to fangirl/fanboy over it. There are so many scenes in this book, it is sometimes really hard to keep up with the pace of the novel and this slightly annoyed me in some parts on the other hand, there are some brilliant parts of this book that you will just re-read again because it was that good!

    Overall, I really enjoyed Paper Aeroplanes and I totally recommend it! It was a powerfull novel and I think Dawn has captured the presence of teenage life beautifully! I think I will never read a book in the same way as I have for Paper Aeroplanes and this book has just opened my eyes up! Please pick up this book and take my word for it...Dawn's book is a masterpiece! VISTIT MY BLOG FOR MORE REVIEWS: thebooksbandit.blogspot.co.uk/
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    mumbled "BOOK REVIEW: Geek Girl by Holly Smale"

    If I wasn't recommended this book by my friend Georgia from The Biblomaniac Book Blog, I think that I would never would have found this book. So I am so grateful to Georgia for this! The Geek Girl books are one of my all time favourite series and thanks to Holly's wonderful writing, she has inspired me to become an author, just like her! I have reviewed this book at least twice but due to Blogger deleting my blog, all my reviews were wiped out so I am re-writing this review for the last time! Anyway, Geek Girl is a realistic fantasy that takes some of Smale's real life experience, mind blowing facts and also some comedy fantasy that will make you laugh your socks off! I am obsessed with the Geek Girl books because I have read them more than ten times, apart from the most recent one which I will be re-reading soon! Smale makes you feel as if you are Harriet herself and that you carry her misfortunes everywhere you go! I generally think that Smale's books are made of pure genius! You will learn so many facts from Geek Girl it will actually shock your friends if you tell them! (I did and I just got called "Geek" even more!) However, Geek Girl is so good that it is hard to put it down after beginning it!

    The plot of Geek Girl is so much different from any of the other books I have read before and I am so elated for this because most books I read always have a similar plot. But not Smale's book! I recommend reading this book with a plate of Sugar Cookies and some tea/coffee/any other drinks because the book will literary take you into another world and you might be a little hungry for more! And if you are wondering why I have italicised the words "Sugar Cookies" is because it is the saying that Harriet says when she knows that something has gone wrong. I may have adopted it as my saying also. Smale has an unique writing technique and every chapter is detailed perfectly...It is the perfect summer read. I find this book quite inspirational, due to the fact that even though you may be a Geek or a Nerd, you can still have the chance of becoming famous or something. So when I send my book to my chosen publisher in November, hopefully, I am hoping I have that chance! The characters are bloody brilliant and my favourite has to be Wilbur. Not "iam" but "bur" Smale is a superb author that deserves her book series to become a movie!

    There were a few things I didn't enjoy about Geek Girl but they were only a few small things that did have a slight impact but nonetheless, Geek Girl deserves to be read by you guys and that you should always believe in yourself! =) Thank you Holly Smale for writing a brilliant book series and inspiring me to write when I am older, and also for the hug last weekend! VISTIT MY BLOG FOR MORE REVIEWS: thebooksbandit.blogspot.co.uk/
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    mumbled "BOOK REVIEW: Take Back The Skies by Lucy Saxon"

    Soon after I had met Lucy Saxon, I began reading Take Back The Skies and the first couple of words hook you onto reading this debut novel! Saxon's novel is superb and if you like a good Si Fi Fantasy book, then Take Back The Skies is just for you! Every chapter is detailed to the point and it really doesn't feel as if you are reading a novel, but watching TV in stead-this is always a good sign that shows that this book is amazing! I really enjoyed Take Back The Skies because I don't usually read the Si Fi genre and when I do, I expect the book to be so gobsmacking that I will HAVE to re-read the book afterwards. I would be more comfortable reading Si Fi books if I had not read a terrible book that was set in the future and it had ruined my opinion on this genre. (I think that it was Insurgent or Allegiant by Veronica Roth.) However, every time I do read a brilliant book in the Science Fiction genre-it reminds me of how good some of these books are out there!

    Let's talk about the plot. I personly thought that the plot was spectacular, but with only a couple of things that I didn't really enjoy about Take Back The Skies.But I will move onto that later in this paragraph. There were so many things that I loved about Saxon's book, including the characters, the plot twists and the way that Saxon has just written her book!!! =P This book is so addictive, that every time I went to put it down, I had to pick it back up again because I just needed to find out what happens next. The characters in this novel seemed, to me, as if they were people I have known my whole life and I guess that Saxon gave me a small piece of hope that the characters would all make it through together by the end of the book. She lied. (I am not saying which character it is because I accidently did it on Twitter a few days ago!) I don't really have a favourite part in Take Back The Skies because I did enjoy every single moment of it and picking the best part is like choosing my apple of my eye! But I can choose a favourite character and that is William Michael Foxe, or just Fox as he is mostly known in Saxon's book. So now, I guess I have to say the few things that I did not really enjoy in this book because of some mistakes that I thought that has some impact on Take Back The Skies. Firstly, I did not get a few parts of the book because I thought that they weren't clear enough to me and secondly, I didn't like the way one of the chapters were summed up. Other than that, I think that Take Back The Skies is a brilliant book that needs to be read!

    I think that I will be reading the rest of the series, when the books come out, and that I will also be re-reading this book this summer when I have finished the Geekhood series by Andy Robb and also If I Stay which is my current read. (Review for If I Stay will be up this weekend, I think.) I think that Take Back The Skies is well worth your time and I think for a debut author, Saxon has done a brilliant job on writing this book! So go out to your closest book shop or Amazon and buy this book. You will not regret this one bit, believe me! =) Read this book? Tweet me: @Books_Bandit. Comment below. Facebook me: facebook.com/thebooksbandit or E-Mail me: hardcoregeeks13@gmail.com! VISTIT MY BLOG FOR MORE REVIEWS: thebooksbandit.blogspot.co.uk/
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    I love the book GG! Please, please, please write more! I want to find out more about Cassie and Kirsty! :D
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