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I am a young teen writer with a passion for reading and writing, along with the determination to achieve all I am capable of and more. I have been writing since the age of ten and continue to flourish in my both my skills and love for this gift. I was a victum of bullying throughout my childhood and am now a academically successful student in high school going through my Senior Year, an involved person in both school and my community, and an open-minded person that is grateful for the family and friends that continuously support me in my decisions and push me towards my dream of one day being known to the world as a successful writer.

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    mumbled "Hi there!"

    I am a young teen writer that came across this awesome looking site! Hoping to meet some new people and post up my books!
    Violet Roses
    4 years ago
    Welcome! Your gonna love this place! It's lots of fun around here. I'm looking forward to whatever you create! Enjoy your time here and don't be afraid to ask me if you need anything. Have fun! :P
    4 years ago
    Thanks for the welcome! :D
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