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I'm a 9th grader in homeschool, I love writing and musicals. I love the tv show: American Horror Story, Once upon a time, Bates Motel and The night shift and Girl meets world.
I have recently finished my first book Spirit in a friendship which I am going to upload on this account! If you want me to read your work you have to read mine first. Sorry It's just how it goes. :) I'm nice though so if you ever need help with something I'm here.

I'm not like all authors.....That's a goal. :D

  • Book_Worm1999

    mumbled "Could someone help me? I'm trying to delete one of my stories. "

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    Hello. I'm trying to delete one of my stories but I'm not sure how to. Could someone help me please?
    Lily Anna
    2 years ago
    First of all are you sure you want to delete it?
    If you are here is how you do it:
    -Go onto edit on the movellas which you want to delete
    -Go onto story info and there will be a delete button on there.
    -Click the button and it will ask you whether you are sure or not.
    Victoria Raven
    2 years ago
    If you go on edit it will come up with the chapter display.
    Then on the right hand bar there will be a main story section or something.

    Click on the top one then go to the button. 'Delete' will be there.
  • Book_Worm1999

    mumbled "Books"

    I need help. Is it true that you HAVE to know the ending to write a good book?
    3 years ago
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    Nope! You just keep writing thorough it and decide on the obstacles and just come upon the end. Hope it helped! You're one of my fans so just wanna be there for u!
  • Book_Worm1999

    mumbled "//This isn't writing related but who remembers this: "

    L-A-Z-L-O L-A-Z-L-O L-A-Z-L-O and Lazlo was his name-O
    I was just Johnny until I walked through that door now I'm not just Johnny anymore, I'm Johnny and the sprites.!
    Hi My name is Emily-Elizabeth and this is Clifford my big red dog!
  • Book_Worm1999

    mumbled "New Movella "

    Hey! I'm new here my name is Liyah and this is my new Novel:
    Spirit in a friendshipWhat would you do if you saw your dead best friend? Theodora Wilmot and Hollie Farmers had been friends since kindergarden and had been competitors...

    I hope you guys enjoy it and I get a lot of reviews.
    3 years ago
    Thanks. I hope you enjoy my novel
    3 years ago
    I've read the first chapter, it was interesting! When I get a chance to read a little more, would you mind some constructive criticism?
    3 years ago
    Not at all.
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