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im actually 13 but the stupid website wont let me be that age... Anyways hi im Alicia Billings i love to read, write, play football, watch football, listen to music (heavy metal/ screamo/rock n roll/ old music too) i love just to sit for hours and write while listening to music. im a weird type of teenager. im smart (not braggin) im kinda pretty (not really), im athletic and im good at writing (well kinda). i love hanging out with my friends and being abnormall... whats the fun infitting in and being normal. i get on with most people but anoy me and it wont be the smartest move you have ever made. :) im the type of girl who ends up in fights with guys older than her and wins. (go girl power) and i hate people who are sexist. well thats me done rambling on love you guys! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    agh how do you put a cover on the books u publish on here???????
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    Okay, so click on edit, then look to the right of the page and you will see a number 3. with the word cover next to it. Click on that then there are lots of covers to choose form, or you can get your own picture by clicking on upload image and getting an image from your computer. Hope I helped :)
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    5 years ago
    yay. thanks for that ill do it later. you helped a lot xxxx :)
    book worm
    5 years ago
    sadly it wont work for me i just dont think it likes me :P
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